Editing Services

Writing is Re-writing.

In as much as my passion is writing, I also love helping others make their writing the best it can be. I strongly believe that we all have something to share with the world… sometimes, it’s just hard to convey our message. In addition to my work as a freelance editor both locally and with an online firm, I have done medical transcription for a decade, helping doctors create accurate reports on their patients. I can likewise put that “ear for detail” to work in transcribing your MP3-dictated manuscript.

I hold a BA in English with a concentration in Professional Writing: editing, grammar, technical writing, expository writing, creative and non-fiction writing, biography, etc. College friends often came to me for assistance on their papers, and I spent two semesters editing simultaneously for two separate campus publications.

I also completed a certificate course for medical transcription and now have over ten years of experience. Patient information must be kept in confidentiality–so will details of your budding manuscript, whether you need editing services or transcription of a dictated story.

If you have something you want to tell the world, I’m happy to help you. When you decide you’re interested and would like a bit more information, fill out the form below with details about your project, and I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, read what past clients have to say.


L. W. Clay – “I’ve known Susan for many years and have enlisted her to edit for me (I’m a screenwriter) on several occasions. She is very thorough, generally making at least two passes on my (lengthy) material. Susan has an eye for detail which I appreciate, and is wonderful with grammar, punctuation, and stylistic choices, etc. She was able to quickly pick up on the peculiarities and requirements of screenwriting and to come through for me on short notice to help me meet deadlines, and has never failed to help me elevate my material. Other strengths that I feel Susan exhibits are patience and dedication–if she takes on a job she will see it through. As well, she is easy to work with and very personable.”

L. McClellan – “Susan did a knock-out job editing and copyediting my lengthy novel. Her editorial remarks were insightful, and her copyediting and proofreading were meticulous and closely aligned with The Chicago Manual of Style. I especially appreciated Susan contacting me several times during the process for clarification, plus she delivered ahead of schedule and checked in with me later to see if I had questions. I will definitely hire her again, and I highly recommend her.”

J. Miskec – “The expertise in editing and constructive critiques that Susan offered was exactly what my writing project needed. From the outset, her openness of communication and attention to detail with status updates were impeccable. The work she did made the piece far better than what I had originally envisioned. Anyone who employs her as an editor will find it both beneficial and a pleasure.”

C. Chancy – “I absolutely loved working with Susan. Her editing insights were invaluable. Susan provided more than just a series of grammatical and spelling checks; she truly immersed herself in my story’s plot, characters, and pace. She not only addressed my manuscript’s inadequacies but highlighted what was exceptional, thus reminding me why I create in the first place. I cannot recommend her enough.”

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Note that I do not have experience with every possible genre, and while I am flexible enough to consider such genres, your work may be better served by an editor with more familiarity in that specific genre. The more details you provide, the more accurately I can respond, even if that response means you end up looking elsewhere.