The Lovey Times of Lick and LiLi

The Lovey Times of Lick and LiLi is a children’s series I envisioned based on my daughter’s loveys: a “granny-square”-sized green knitted blankie and a Beanie BabiesTM Border Collie named Frolic. A’s first recognizable word was in reference to her little blankie: “lee-lee.” She’s had a LiLi in some form or another since she was about 6 months old, but the first few were made of pastel, lightweight yarn, and when she started teething, they quickly got ruined. Nana–who knitted the first several–found a thicker yarn and made another (plus a spare for laundry day and emergencies), and those LiLis (plus a few more she has collected in various yarn colors and textures) are still inseparable from her and Frolic. They don’t attend school with her, but they often wait at a table right inside our front door.

I’ve only written one of these stories in its entirety, along with bits of another couple, but I’ve saved over a dozen ideas to work on eventually. I’ve honestly spent more time trying to figure out how I want to illustrate the stories. Initially, I was going to use polymer clay for a stop-motion animation look, but I wasn’t happy with what I came up with. Now I’m considering a combination of construction paper scenery and Photoshopped foreground images of the loveys and Girl (as well as Boy and his loveys, when they join the family in the stories).

Current Status: In development

Info: Started September 2014

Plans: The stories themselves will come fairly easily, courtesy of my children and their imaginations. My primary concern is determining how to illustrate, whether using the creative skills I have at my own disposal or outsourcing them.

Excerpt: Lick & LiLi Go to Nana’s

The Girl sat down to play with her ponies instead of putting them away. Lick and LiLi were sitting on Mommy’s purse, waiting to leave, but Lick sighed.

“Girl looks so sad that she doesn’t get to spend the night this time. Wait here, LiLi. I’ll go talk to her and help herd the ponies back into their tub.”

Lick whispered to The Girl. She nodded and sat back to let Lick show her how the doggy way of putting away toys. Lick ran circles around the ponies, gathering them together and moving them toward the tub they slept in. One by one, the ponies jumped into the tub. Lick jumped in after the last one. “See, Girl? Easy as that. I’ll count them while you put your shoes on, just to be sure we got them all. One… two… four… eleventy…”

The Girl sat down and pulled her shoes on. She rubbed her face with LiLi and yawned. It was getting late. She gave Nana and Papa kisses and hugs bye-bye and walked out to the car with Mommy and Daddy.


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