Under Development…

I have two other adult story ideas still in the very early stages of development.

One will be a science fiction story–perhaps a series–and I’ll share more details on that as I get some work done on it. It’s going to take quit a bit of astronomy research… significantly more than I can get from watching Ready, Jet, Go on PBS with my kids.

The other seems to be taking priority. While I didn’t get much done on it over the winter, I’m hoping to split my writing time between it and Blaze. The bare bones of it are already fleshed out courtesy of a nightmare, but I’ve already got a good start on it, and I’m going to begin outlining the rest very soon. Details on it (and how you can help if you’re interested) are available in this blog post. I don’t expect it to turn out to be a full length novel, perhaps a short story or novella at best, and it may be the kind of thing I submit to an anthology instead of publishing it solo. But it will get written one way or another.


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